Warehousing and Service

We will take care for your vehicles and transportation technology


Our company provides a spacious rentable compound designated for parking vehicles and trucks and warehouses in Malacky and Gajary, positioned only 8 km away from municipal town Malacky with good accessibility to highway connection point.

  • Warehouse extent in Malacky: 850 m²
  • Height of warehouse: 10,5 m
  • Outdoor storage area: 40 000 m²
  • Warehouse extent in Gajary: 6 000 m²
  • Height of warehouse: 6 m
  • Outdoor storage area: up to 20 000 m²
  • 2 gates with a height of 4 m (drive-in system)
  • Warehouse is equipped with loading bay (length 12 m), with a good access for loading/unloading/parking of trucks.
  • Storage space can be divided/organized according to client’s demands.
  • Smooth concrete floor allows for easy manipulation with forklifts.
  • Unlimited access – area open 24 hours a day
  • The warehouse is guarded by security guards and monitored by CCTV.
  • Access to data services – the internet
  • Bathroom (toilet/shower) and office space located close by the warehouse. Also, there are 3 apartments available.
  • Compound is suitable for warehousing, logistics etc.

Warehousingadditional services

  • transport (365 days a year through licenses in Slovakia and Czech Republic)
  • labeling
  • repair and maintenance of pallets (cleaning, galvanization, sandblasting, painting etc.


Our maintenance area is built with consideration of highest safety, ecological, and technological standarts. The maintenance is performed by qualified personnel who have years of experience in the field to ensure satisfaction of our customers.

Offered maintenance services:

  • Repair and maintenance of pallets, containers and transportation technology
  • Maintenance of trailer-hitches
  • Post-warranty maintenance
  • Maintenance of braking systems
  • Maintenance of axles
  • Maintenance of independent heating
  • Brake efficiency dynamometer
  • Detector of lateral axle movement freeplay
  • Maintenance of motor oils OMW
  • Repair of electrical equipment of vehicles
  • Preparing vehicles for STK control + realization of STK
  • Windshield replacements                                                                                                                        
  • Calibration of tachographs

Tyre service

pneuservisWith complex service in mind, we also offer tyre service on the site. Thanks to top-class technological equipment we can offer fast mounting, dismounting, repair and tyre geometry. Technical parameters are as following – tire fitting machine – diameter: 14″ – 26″, tyre balancer – diameter: 10″ – 26″. We use rubber vulcanization machine Thermopress for fixing sidewall punctures, option of mobile use with attachment, usable on every truck tyre.